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"Mohamed has a remarkable ability to focus on and analyze the information given in a well structured manner. He was able to identify what is required to be done and give feedback that is insightful, relevant and helpful. He understood what I need and what I'm looking for. I've met with several career coaches from around the world (France, Brazil, Germany, U.S. & UK) and I found his approach very efficient. "

- H. R

"Working with Coach Mohamed, I was able to change my approach towards dealing with day to day life after a tough experience.With his coaching help, I was able to recognize where I could improve myself & focus on the positive outlook rather than being stuck in the past. His coaching helped me to identify my weaknesses, adjust my actions & modify my behavior while dealing with my issues, hence i managed to transform the bad repercussions I was suffering from into positive results leading to improving me self."


- M. A

"Mohamed is a very good listener & motivating person. He supported me to re-organize my thoughts and gain more awareness of my situation. He helped my to uplift my self esteem thus changed the way I look at things. His coaching did help me open up my mind, set new objectives and identify various ways to reach them."

- S.S

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